Our History

J.F. Shelton Company was started in the early 1970’s as a division of the E.T. Horn Company in the northwest. However, in 1973 Jack Shelton bought the rights to E.T. Horn’s product lines and renamed the company J.F. Shelton Company.

Kent Bldg 2016In 1984, Mr. Shelton retired and the company was sold to longtime employee, Dennis Hatfield, who was the majority shareholder for the next 10 years, until his retirement in February of 1995. Upon his retirement, Mr. Hatfield agreed to sell his remaining shares to minority shareholders Daniel Kiefel and Brad Campbell. Both Mr. Kiefel and Mr. Campbell have been longtime employees of J.F. Shelton and have maintained their key sales responsibility in the Oregon and Washington regions.

In anticipation of Mr. Hatfield’s retirement, Rick Strellman joined the organization in 1994 to oversee general management and day to day operations. In October of 1996 Mr. Strellman was issued shares in the company and now holds a minority interest.

In September of 1995, J.F. Shelton expanded its operation into the Canadian market with the creation of a subsidiary company: J.F. Shelton Canada, Incorporated.

In November 2005, J.F. Shelton expanded further with the introduction of our California/SouthWest operations.